What it’s like to be a PhD student of B. Halstead

Apparently we have some readers in the community of folks with whom Mr. Tetra Halstead associates. Good morning to you all.

Every other school day from 1:30–3:00, the four of us (J. Brewster, B. Halstead, D. Staudinger, D. A-M. Trần) meet in our school’s library or other sufficiently mathematical location and do maths. Previously, we had been going through coursework altogether, under the careful guidance of Mr. Halstead. During that time we worked on introductory Abstract Algebra (Algebra: Chapter 0 by Paolo Aluffi), Real Analysis (Understanding Analysis by Stephen Abbot), and Topology (Topology by James R. Munkres). As of now, we have broken off into working on our own topics which interest us.

I, D. Staudinger, have been occupying lots of Mr. Halstead’s time working on a variety of topics. I have worked a bit on Differential Geometry/Topology and Analysis. Mr. Brewster, being an engineer, has been working more with Linear Algebra and its application with the approximation of bridges and heat transfer and such topics. Mr. Trần has been working with topics in logic and algebra.

Our goal with this independent study is about learning the maths that we are interested in and maybe applicable in our future. I, D. Staudinger, plan to study pure maths in college. Mr. Trần has had a long-standing fascination with logic. Mr. Brewster, being an engineer, is using this time to hone the mathematical basis for simulations and the underpinning of lots of real engineering calculations.

The blog will be updated shortly when we decide where we will all go to college.

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