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  1. Hey, thanks so much for making this site! For a long time I’ve been dealing with trying to write stuff on platforms like WordPress, and basically getting exhausted by dealing with the typesetting, and this is definitely a step up!

    A couple comments, in case you’re interested: -When I’m writing it with automatically rendering the text-entry box really slows down. I’d be totally fine if the rendering itself was slow, but having a delay between when I hit the keys on the keyboard and when the characters appear on the screen really messes me up.

    -Along the same lines, it might be nice if I could open the rendered document in another tab, or on the same screen, but it only “updated” when I clicked a button (sort of like how Overleaf only recompiles the document when you press recompile). That way nothing gets slowed down and I can just jump over to see the rendered text when I’m ready (it’d be even nicer if there was a keyboard shortcut for this, because then it’d be just like I’m writing LaTeX offline).

    • If I open the rendered document in a new window/tab and then close that window/tab, I don’t think it stops doing the live rendering. In other words, it doesn’t stop slowing down the typing even though the window is closed. I can avoid this by NOT closing the window/tab and instead clicking the relevant button in the text editing box (the “Preview in Window” button) but it’d be nice if I could just close the window.

    -Is it possible to add some “alignment” tools, so I could do things like center, left align and right align stuff? Especially, for instance, it’d be nice to right alight a square at the end of proofs.

    -Is there a way to do environments, e.g.


    -Custom commands, like defining to give me or something?


  2. Being able to use references and citations is very nice! I just had two questions: is tikz-cd support planned or included already? Right now I get “Unknown environment ‘tikzcd’,” and uploading a TeX file with tikz-cd in it just returns an error. Also, I seem to remember some WordPress plugins like QuickLaTeX which let you set your own preamble. Perhaps it’s more effort than it’s worth, but is it possible to integrate in something along those lines?

  3. @jonathanbeardsley Your comment is really appreciated! Thanks a lot.

    • A new version is released today. A change made according to your feedback is: If the rendered document is opened in a new window, it will be updated each line, i.e., only when you press the Enter key. Is this a good solution to your problems?

    • There is no markdown syntax for alignment, so you may have to use LaTeX instead.

    • You can find how to do and reference environments in the short writing sample.

    • Custom commands are supported. Enclose your definition with $ like this: $\newcommand\N{\mathbb{N}}$.

  4. @microcosmprinciple For simple commutative diagrams, you can use amsCd package like this:

    A @>a>> B\\
    @VVbV @VVcV\\
    C @>d>> D

    There is also a beta version implement XyJax for Xy-pic package. Maybe we can integrate it for complicated diagrams.

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