Hi, everyone!

I’m a second-year PhD student in Mathematics. During the Covid-19, I wrote some programs to get rid of the boring time at home. There are already some nice websites for mathematicians(the word “mathematician” is in its broad sense: people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields):

  • MathOverflow and Mathematics StackExchange. They are mainly for Q&A. But what if we want to express ourselves?
  • WordPress.com. A good blog community. But it has minor optimizations for mathematicians, what if we want to write some academic post? Use a conversion tool? Why not write and update it directly!
  • Overleaf. A great online editor. It is not designed for blogs, what if we want to update our recent status like latest lecture notes?

So, I created this web platform - a blog community for mathematicians. Here, we are free to do all of the above. Hope it can be helpful to our communication, especially in this strange time.

The platform is an open-source project on GitHub. Feel free to use it and you are encouraged to join me to do this project together.

All the best for 2021,

Ding, C.

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